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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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now at 5:00, watching for strong storms later this evening. >> now at 5:00, bethesda's golden girl comes home. the excitement as katie ledecky's homecoming makes a huge splash. what's next for the olympic champion? plus robbed in rio. the new controversy impacting some team usa swimmers and why it's especially hitting home for a gold medal winner from montgomery county. >> and we begin with that controversy developing all day long here and down in rio, involving some american swimmers and one of our local gold medal winners is involved. >> pat lawson muse is at our live desk with what we know. pat? >> jack conge
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gold medal from rio. remember the news that broke about some team usa swimmers being robbed at gunpoint? conger was with lochte and two others. authorities in rio say they have more questions about the incident and have ordered the seizure of passports from lochte and jimmy fagan. things are unclear, including whether the swimmers, including conger, have left rio. it shows lochte and another swimmer returning to the village three hours after the alleged robbery, appearing to place cell phones and other items in bins before proceeding through the metal detectors. it's not clear what those other
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rockville today. no one there would talk. it does not appear that authorities in brazil want to talk to conger again, just lochte and fagan. >> today, katie ledecky is back home in bethesda. news 4's david culver was there where she got a hero-like welcome. david? >> reporter: she brought an excitement to what is otherwise a really boring baggage claim.
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>> catching her excitement then came the chants. [ chanting "katie" ] >> it comes off an incredible performance in rio, four gold medals, one silver. she broke two of her own world records. the then 16-year-old wearing one gold from london. today, she learned a technique, how to hug with the neckware. >> they're heavy, a little more than one from four years ago. >> speaking to reporters, ledecky's friends gathered behind her. >> i felt it the whole week in rio. it means so much to me. >> she's still katie. another world record holder. >> couple more medals.
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role model. >> so what's next? >> taking a break from swimming and getting ready for school. stanford in a couple of weeks. i need to get ready for that. >> she said she had to do some dorm room shopping. after that time in rio, said she felt safe and healthy. had a great time. on the way back, though, she had an interaction with other passengers that ended in her switching seats. >> oh, really? >> yes. do you want to know more about that? >> does it involve leg room and stuff like that? >> i will tell you at 6:00. >> i want to know where she's going to put those gold medals. in her dorm room? >> they wouldn't last too long. >> you think? >> yeah. >> we'll look forward to it. we could watch that all day. >> we'll look at katie at bed, bath and beyond, i guess, huh? >> getting extra long sheets. >> you know it. >> thank you, david. checking out some of the
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usa added a couple of silver medals and one of the steeplechase medals, first for that event for u.s. in a while. indoor men's volleyball team has advanced to the semi finals after a win over poland today. we saw the women's water polo team earning a spot in the finals with win over hungary. >> several finals for track and field. women's long jump, 200 meter and 100 meter hurdles, fastest men in the world will race in the 00 meter semi finals and american ashton eaton will wrap up day one of decathlon competition with the 400 meter. back on the beach after an intense match last night that ended with a loss. kerr ri walsh jennings and april ross will face
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>> that was something last night. you'll meet one of the most decorated swimmers. why he says he now has a love/hate relationship with the sport. we have all of this year's biggest swimming stories and athlete profiles, too, on the nbc washington app right now. open the olympic section and scroll down to browse by sport and let's you catch up on all the action live, too. storm team 4 is in weather alert mode as we track a chance for a stormy evening. already a watch is affecting most of our region. let's head straight to doug for our first update. hey, doug. >> not a bad afternoon so far today. we are watching for those storms to move in later this evening. 90 degree range, 93 in the ciy. temperatures below 95 for the first time in more than a week. we look towardat
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temperatures at 93, as i mentioned. take a look at the radar here and what we're dealing with. storms are moving in from the west. nothing too strong right now. severe thunderstorm watch west of the blue ridge, does not include d.c. metro area yet. storms back to the west have a very good chance of producing some very heavy rainfall. and that's what we're really concerned about here, heavy rain associated with -- because of that, a flash flood watch also in effect. you can see that flash flood watch encompasses the d.c. metro area. much more on this. we will keep you ahead of the storm. >> we know you will, doug. chopper 5 over breaking news, a serious crash here in bartonsville at the intersection of sandy spring road and old columbia pike here. we're told there are life-threatening injuries t
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collision. we'll continue to watch this and bring any new developments here and on our nbc washington app. the heat is killing fish at the pond near the washington monument. national parks were out pulling dead fish from the pond. park service officials say it's been three years since they've seen this happen on such a large scale. new at 5:00 tonight, no one is going up the washington monument right now and it's unclear when it will reopen. it's closed because of another issue with its elevator this morning. 84 people had to walk down the stairs when it stopped working this time. one employee was in the elevator but is out now. just a few days ago, three visitors got stuck in that same elevator park. officials tell us the elevator stopped working 9:30 saturday night. no word on what's causing these outages.
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nagging the monument for a while now. potentially dangerous bacteria detected at prince george's hospital neonatal intensive unit. the water-born bacteria can be deadly for those with weakened immune systems. two babies in that nicu died. three babies tested positive. others were transferred to children's hospital. the nicu is closed now. the hospital has added new water treatment procedures. the hospital sent a statement that reads, in part, quote, we will be unrelenting in pursuing the root cause, remediating any identified issues and guarding against recurrence. we've reported that car thefts have been decreasing over the last several years. new information obtained by news 4 shows that car jackings have been going up in our region. mark seagraves
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jackings are up in d.c. and way up in baltimore. >> it's a crime that strikes fear into many drivers. the thought of someone with a weapon, threatening to hurt you in order to steal your car. >> it strikes at our inner core. >> nationwide and here in our area, the chance of having your car stolen while you're not around has gone down significantly in recent years, car jackings have gone up in big cities like the district. after reaching a six-year low in 2014 of 134 car jackings, that number went up by 10% in 2015 and is on track to stay at that rate or increase in 2016. car jackings where the suspects use a gun as their weapon were on track to near a six-year high in the district as well. but the numbers in d.c. aren't as high as they are in baltimore. >> what's so
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our inner space, our inner sanctum and our psyche, our zone of security. >> while overall in maryland, carjackings have gone down, including in montgomery and prince george's county, in the city of baltimore, carjackings are on pace to double this year marking a six-year high. >> carjackings are going up, because it has become increasingly more difficult to steal a car. what do you do? take the car by force. >> virginia state police do not track the number of carjackings in the commonwealth. mark seagraves, news 4. now at 5:00, shocking claims. local children humiliate d, eve lost inside local preschools. how the claims could jeopardize important funding. >> i'm wendy rieger in rio at a large animal shelter. they even collect horses.
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back now in rio. cash-strapped shelter caring for hundreds of abandoned animals in the city. >> wendy rieger got a tour of the facility and met witho
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to provide those animals with a better life. wendy has that story from olympic park. >> reporter: the shelter, overwhelmed. it's the dogs that greet you first, alarmed, then curious. cats desperately seeking affection or just a lap to rest in. it's okay. yes, it's okay a handful of veterinarians and vet teches run this facility, tending to 800 animals, even horses, one so emaciated, on an iv drip and do this on a shoe string. >> everybody who could comes to work here knows we work on the animals. >> reporter: the animal issue in brazil is challenging. people love them. they also love to leave them. >> when they have serious diseases, that's when they get abandoned, when they're old. christmastime. you know, want to have a clean house. ve
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neuters, vaccinates and puts an identity chip in each animal. do you have enough money? [ laughter ] >> no. >> reporter: all of its funding comes from the city. no cash donations allowed for fear of corruption. this week, their surgery is closed because they didn't have money for medicine. but the head veterinarian, dr. fernando, who runs the shelter, exudes hope and optimism. >> he is moved by -- the past two years he has been working here and it's been a challenge and it makes him feel alive. >> reporter: even though they are straining from this load -- >> we've had weeks when the abandonment reaches 40, 40 animals. >> reporter: they're tending to some very sick animals. this is a no-kill shelter. >> it's not our mission, our
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>> reporter: they would love to partner with an international organization but they don't have the staff or the know-how for that kind of outreach. they do have adoption fairs periodically. as quickly as they go out, more come in. such is the nature of this beast. back live here in rio. just to clarify, the gentleman doctor is the animal shelter's director. he only speaks portuguese and a teeny bit of english. so she was dng all the translation. we would love to clear that shelter. i am open to suggestions. they would love suggestions to connect with any international group that could consult with them or help them. it is tough in third world countries. coming up at 6:00, have you heard about the ryan lochte
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the way up to the united states. did he lie? did that robbery occur? a lot going on today. i'll have that for you at the top at 6:00. >> do you see dogs and cats roaming the streets of rio or not so much? >> you don't see cats as much. you do see a lot of dogs. even just behind the media village, which is about 45 minutes from here. athe night you hear the dogs howling and howling, packs of them roaming around in the neighborhoods back there. yeah, it's pretty common. when i've been to mexico and other places that are are third world countries, you do see the dogs because they're trying to feed their children. animals naturally are going to come second. >> i remember that was a big story in sochi, all the dogs. >> we'll see you at 6:00 and 11:00 tonight. >> thank you,
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political poll is out for three swing states, including virginia, telephone survey finds hillary clinton leads donald trump 50-38% in virginia. 49-39 in colorado and 47-34 in iowa. virginia, clinton leads in women, nonwhite and independent voters. trump leads among white men. both candidates have negative favorability ratings. virginia poll has a margin of error plus or minus 3.5%. stephen ban on new campaign ceo, heading the conservative news website brightbart news. ban on is a street fighter who will win at any cost and kellyanne conway will be his new campaign manager. strategists say she may be able to help him with women
5:20 pm
campaign chairman. devastating wildfire is destroying homes in california. 82,000 people are being told to evacuate. blue cut fire is burning 60 miles east of los angeles. firefighters say it started just yesterday and it's spreading with an intensity they haven't seen before. >> a local swimmer, olympic dreams dashed before they could even begin. historic setback that kept him from competing. >> strong storms back to the west. severe thunderstorm watch to the west of the blue ridge. to the
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oh, a casualty! henry? henry, are you all right? >> oh, boy, kids, don't try that at home. >> no. >> last night, news 4 at 11:00 team decided to take it up a notch and show these athletes in rio how it's done or not done. if you've ever tried to dive across the finish line make sure you're not 20 yards before the finish line or you wind up a big loser without that gold medal. >> you would have had them, had you had the right shoes on. you had on slippery dress
5:24 pm
what were you thinking? >> doreen was the only one who cared. you looked down but kept running. later on, you saw carol and doug doing the high fives while i'm in agony. >> jim, this is for a medal. you don't turn around, even when somebody falls. >> he still got the bronze, though. >> i wasn't sure if maybe you tried to do that and then i had to watch the video again. >> you don't try to do that. >> no. i did feel bad, though. i did feel bad. we owe you some pants apparently. guys, i'll tell you, right now, looking pretty good across our area. we are in red. chance of thunderstorm activity later this afternoon and evening. it could get stormy for sure. right now, though, sunshine not bad. current temperature 93 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 5 miles an hour. that heat index below 100 in most locations. we hit it in a couple of
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warrenton, 92 down toward fredericksburg. it is hot and humid. not nearly as hot as it's been the last 7 to 8 days. nothing around the d.c., metro area. back to the west, we are seeing some storms developing, not much in the way of lightning associated with these yet. the biggest threat here will be very heavy rainfall. we have severe thunderstorm watch in effect. it's washington county, jefferson county, clark county, warren county, places west. storm prediction center is thinking of putting a watch around our region at any time. waiting to see if, in fact, they do put that watch out. take a look where these storms are now. front royal, just to the south of front royal into parts of warren county. heads up there. just dealing with rain back to the west. we'll watch these move in to the blue ridge or east of the blue ridge. that's where we could see them fire up a little more. the ones to the east are firing and have some severe storms down to the south. you can see all the rain associated with this systems
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watch in effect. flash flood watch is in effect until late tonight, including everybody east of the blue ridge, including d.c. metro area. it will not take a lot to see potential for flash flooding tonight. please remember, never drive through flooded roadways. take a look at future weather. 6:00. not a lot going on here. watch what happens by 8:00, storms are in here around 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 tonight. rough evening for sure. they move out of here fairly quickly. tomorrow, starting off on a pretty nice note. fast-moving system once it does move on in here the next couple of hours. tomorrow, 90 degrees. most of you in the 80s. not a bad day at all out there on our thursday. we have nice weather to come the next few days. 89 on saturday. friday and saturday, pretty good. lower humidity. not bad. sunday, humidity ramps back up. giving us a chance of strong storms late sunday with a
5:27 pm
look at next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. highs only in the low to mid 80s. we are talking about some fantastic weather. fantastic weather, as we head into next week. all eyes are on tonight. storm team 4 will keep you on top of it all. >> sounds good. thank you, doug. calls for change. now at 5:00, the intersection that some say is too dangerous and why so many people are seeking help from the top. >> i'm tracee wilkins. news 4, prince george's county school system stands to lose millions of dollars of a new
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moments ago, we took you to the airport and the homecoming of katie ledecky. mark seagraves learned while car thefts are down in d.c., carjackings are going up in parts of our area. now at 5:30, above and beyond, local restaurant that went to great lengths to find one couple's keepsake that was nearly lost forever. plus -- >> it's a shame that politics got in the way of people's dreams. >> a local record-breaking swimmer looks back at how his
5:31 pm
of history. first up at 5:30 now, preschoolers punished, children humiliated. one 5-year-old found wandering home alone. shocking results of a federal investigation into prince george's county's head start program. >> as tracee wilkins tells us, the program has been stripped of its federal funding. tracee has the story live at 5:30. >> reporter: what's most disturbing is at one point one of the parents wanted to report what happened but was discouraged to do so by school staff because they were afraid they could lose their funding. another incident, we had a child who was, as we mentioned there, abused by one of these teachers. the ceo of the prince george's county school system is saying this is all unacceptable. abuse, neglect, and failure to report are some of the accusations made by head start as it seeks to end funding for its program in
5:32 pm
county. prince george's board of education, one child, 3-year-old was forced to mop his own urine while standing in his wet clothes. the teacher allegedly took photos and texted the child's parents saying he had the nerve to smile about mopping, too, lol. he worked that mop, tho. another incident at langley mccormick, a 5-year-old wandered away from the program and went home crying and visibly upset. according to the report, the child was unsupervised for approximately 50 minutes. and the head start program did not know where she was for approximately 75 minutes. a review of an area map determined the child needed to cross at least one street to reach her home. in another incident, a teacher and teacher's aide at james rider elementary in clinton physically punlished students. one child said
5:33 pm
heavy boxes over their heads with books in them. he said i dropped it twice because it was heavy. the book fell out. the teacher said if you drop the books more times, i will reset the time. some students say they held heavy books for ten minutes. school ceo dr. kevin maxwell had this to say about the book. >> what i can say is i expect our employees to behave appropriately. and when they don't, i'm going to deal with them appropriately. >> reporter: this all follows the case where principals were reporting issues there, school aide charged with taking photos of children within the school where he worked and creating pornography. getting the message out that it won't be tolerated but that message isot
5:34 pm
everyone. back to you in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. candlelight vigil is getting under way to remember christopher barry outside woodrow wilson high school where barry went to school. it begins at 7:00 and will last for two hours. christopher died of a drug overdose sunday. one of the goals of the vigil is to also remember all the good he accomplished especially through his work in the community. participants are asked to wear green in his honor. christopher was the son of the late d.c. mayor marion barry. new interim mayor is in charge in the city of fairfax. stephen stombrese takes the place of scott silverthorn, who resigned after being arrested in a drug or sex sting. life-long virginian who served
5:35 pm
>> to promote and facilitate a robust community discussion about where our city is headed and who is the right man or woman is to lead us as our next mayor. >> lobbyist who was once the chief of staff to house majority leader eric cantore and says he will not be a candidate for mayor in the february election. redskins are back on the practice field. jason pugh, are the guys happy to be back home? >> that would be an understatement, from players to coaches to even the equipment staff over filled with joy to be back here in ashburn. the players arrived and received a special treat, thanks to the organization, deciding to upgrade the locker room here. >> oh, my gosh, mr. snyder, mr. bruce. highve
5:36 pm
championship locker room. that's what you come into and feel like you want to stay there all day and all night and get your work done and don't want to leave. >> love it. it's amazing. nice to walk in there. it's bright, very updated. play ping pong in there, little foosball, shuffle board you call t it's nice. really appreciate it. did a good job with the locker room. i love it. >> this is better for camaraderie, synergy, continuing to build on that. >> reporter: it has players to be back in ashburn. so does the chance to play in front of their home crowd for the first time this season. >> day by day, we get to do it in front of our home crowd. it will be exciting, first time 2016, washington redskins get to go out and play in front of our home crowd. we're excited about that. >> any opportunity to get out there and play. no matter if it's 10 players, 30
5:37 pm
better. >> we're just going to keep watching these guys. i have a great respect for all of these guys, doing a great job trying their best on the practice field. now it comes down to producing. >> you can watch the redskins take on the jets comcast sports net and cozy tv. that kicks off this friday night. we'll have live coverage after the olympics coverage on nbc 4. find out what redskins player is ready to play against the jets who sat out that preseason opener. doreen, jim, back to you in studio. >> thanks a lot. take a look. storm team 4 has issued a weather alert as we track the chance for heavy rain and storms throughout the night. i'm tom sherwood in southeast washington. you've never seen one of these before. new taxi van service that's going to help un
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about the person who died. all we know is it's a man. potomac river, missing swimmer. chopper 4 was there. the man was swimming near great falls last night when he went under. rescue crews had to suspend the search when it got too dark last night, swimming near the billy goat trail when he got into some trouble. push to make a dangerous intersection safer after the recent deaths of two bicyclists. turkey branch parkway in rock ville, more than 1,000 people signed a bike maryland petition sent to transportation leaders. they want crosswalk beacons installed to activate a red light. two cyclists died at that light, one last month and one in december. the organization is about to open its first
5:42 pm
location here in sterling. programs are currently run at 15 locations through schools and churches. >> this location is going to allow us to further expand our footprint and allow after-school programming, summer camps and child daycare, if you will, for infants all the way up to 12 years old. >> loudoun y is looking to open other organizations in the future. >> a local swimmer dreamt of olympic glory his whole life. but history got in the way. now at 5:00, he tells us what happens after those olympic dreams end. ia customer told him he los his wedding ring here. where he went digging to find it just ahead. and i'm tracking showers and thunderstorms right we made it for you. like this favorite...salmon with tomatoes and capers.
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but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon...
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a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. well, most of us have done this before, accidentally tossed something valuable in the trash. >> my driver's license once. >> ooh. >> at a restaurant, missing item was very valuable, add
5:46 pm
reports the restaurant staff was determined to find the trashed treasure. >> reporter: this restaurant was crowded last night when a customer, a regular here, brought some distressing news to manager sergio alvarado. >> he grabbed me and said i think my wedding ring is lost in your trash can. >> reporter: he worried he tossed his ring along with napkins he used to wipe his hands. >> you could tell it was upsetting for him and his wife. >> reporter: the man with the missing ring asked to take a trash bag home but sergio wouldn't have it. he and food runner christian rosa started searching, with christian taking the trash bag out back. >> he started taking everything out of the trash bag into another trash bag until he found it. honestly, i didn't think he was going to find it. he came back to me and showed me that he fnd
5:47 pm
deliver the once lost wedding band, one that had been on the man's finger for 55 years. >> what are the odds of being able to find it? the fact that he went through that effort to find it. >> humbled, he let his boss do the talking. jennifer walter decided what she witnessed was a story she needed to share. >> people go out of their way less and less these days. i thought the fact that christian went and sifted through restaurant garbage, that's pretty amazing for him to take that initiative to do that and be that dedicated. >> reporter: sergio and christian say the couple's gratitude and big smiles were enough for them. when i asked about the tip, they did admit that the couple left a little something extra behind on their table. >> i bet they did. >> great
5:48 pm
nice story like that. >> sure is. amelia is here with a check on our forecast and the possibility of stormy weather again. >> storms tonight. and still hot out there, right? >> yes. >> it's been hot for two weeks, feels like two months now at this point. relief is on the way. in part from the storms we're seeing tonight. we could see some very heavy rainfall and some gusty winds as well. some of us are under a severe thunderstorm watch, others on a flash flood watch. around 90 degrees through the weekend. more storms on sunday. those storms on sunday bring a very welcome change, weather to look forward to after sunday. finally, we're not going to be talking about heat and huptd anymore. green here, flash flood watch will be in effect until late tonight. counties here in pink. and on storm team 4 radar, not a lot in the immediate area. as these move in to d.c. about 0,
5:49 pm
flooding. i don't think the storms will be moving necessarily quickly once they arrive here in the metro, leading to water on roads. of course, never drive your car through a flooded road. here is the latest. mean activity back in west virginia. we're keeping a close eye on this thunderstorm moving into frederick. lot of lightning with it. this could potentially become severe. doug will continue to track it on news 4 at 6:00. here at 7:00 pm, some showers in the metro, some rain still back around winchester. once we hit 9:00 pm, this rain is moving into the metro. notice bright colors around 10:00 in washington, arlington, montgomery county. potentially some flash flooding. by 11:00 pm, there over in anarundel county. currently, we're generally in the 90s, 93 in washington. tomorrow morning, a nice start. 77 degr
5:50 pm
those clouds will break up throughout the day, really spectacular. you can eat lunch outside tomorrow. your sunglasses for the ride home. pleasant, 85 degrees. commute to and from work. just need the sunglasses. outdoor exercise, enjoyable for once. lunch not too hot. heading to the playground, nice there. nice at the pool, too. around 90 on friday. upper 80s on saturday. around 90 sunday. storms later in the day sunday set us up for beautiful weather that you're going to love. lower humidity, 83 on monday. 84 on tuesday and next wednesday as well. >> i like how you get the whole day planned out for us. exercise, lunch outdoors. >> pool/playground. one of the most decorated swimmers from our region. >> how
5:51 pm
the olympics didn't go as you might expect. >> reporter: competitive swimming is all about the ticks of the clock, beating time, to win by .01 of a second or for some miss out by years. time was always on clay britt's side, winning his very first race. >> i looked around, i was the only one there and i thought, wow, this is really cool. >> his records are still standing in rockville. 47 years after he broke them in every stroke, in every age group. even though future olympians came tearing down these same lanes after him. >> i just love to race. >> at 13 he broke his ankle and couldn't swim breaststroke that summer. >> i developed this foot turn with the cast that ultimately became so much faster that all of a sudden i bim a
5:52 pm
the clock and everybody else. after graduating in 1979 he set the pace at the university of texas, winning the ncaa championship his freshman, sophomore and junior years. it was his time. he was a favorite for the olympics. this time, the clock struck back. >> neither the american people nor i will support sending an olympic team to moscow. >> soviet union invaded afghanistan just before the 1980 olympics and protests jimmy carter announced the u.s. will boycott the games. >> it's just a real shame that politics got in the way of people's life dreams. the ramification of that is -- reverberates decades later. swimming, it's every four years. that's your shot. that window is so small to
5:53 pm
to lose that opportunity is very difficult. >> he tried to qualify for the 1984 and the 1988 listolympic g >> i felt so incomplete. >> time had moved on. >> i think i was the oldest person in the meet swimming and at 27 i was very happy i did that. it allowed me to move on with my life. >> and he did move on to a successful career as a financial adviser for bethesda, and starting a family. his daughter, elizabeth, is now 9. to getting back to swimming. >> i have a love/hate relationship with swimming. >> time, he says, taught him how to appreciate gliding through the water, let the stress wash away. >> you can ask people that are my age, older, to have a love of swimming is a special thing. >> he has been here swimming for 25 years. >> reset
5:54 pm
>> has managed to swim in competitive meets every year for 50 years. >> i'm going to hope maybe the swimming gods will allow me to retire but that's doubtful. >> because even though the clock reminds him of that time. >> every day. >> he knows the passage of time allowed him to win the race that really matters in this game called life. >> you don't feel like you need rest, you need to work harder. >> in bethesda, tricia thompson, news 4. it could just be the perfect solution for some parts of the city. why these vans could make a big difference, and how much it will cost you. >> new at 6:00, wrong way horse on a local track now several years finds disagreements over the safety rules and procedures remai n. [ hip hop beat throughout ] [ fans cheering ] ♪ olympics 2016, let me get you on my level. ♪ ♪ so you never miss a moment, ♪ ♪ miss a minute, miss a medal. ♪ why settle when you can have it all? ♪
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♪ fencing to cycling. diving to balance beam. ♪ ♪ all you have to say is, ♪ "show me," and boom it's on the screen. ♪ ♪ from the bottom of the mat, ♪ ♪ to the couch where you at? ♪ ♪ "show me the latest medal count?" ♪ ♪ xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games.
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built a sandcastle?id? ha, no, i switched to geico and got more. more? 24/7 access online, on the phone or with the geico app. that is more. go get some mud... all that "more" has to be why they're the second-largest auto insurer. everybody likes more. mhm, i think so. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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you'll soon have to pay to park in the garages of reston town center. starting september 1st, you'll pay between $2 to $24, depending on the length of your stay. weekends and holidays will be free. the property owner says the garage also use a parking system that's gateless, ticketless and cashless. payment will be made through an app, website or an on-site pay station. new taxi service in d.c. will soon target underserved areas of the district. this program will use eight paser
5:58 pm
specific routes for a flat fee. news 4's tom sherwood explains just how it will work. >> there are buses that come and go. taxi cabs of all sorts. and even increasingly bike stands. and now this. >> it's for the neighborhood. it's not something that is used downtown. >> eight-passenger van that will target under-served wards. running precise routes similar to buses but be on scheduled cruising, available for pickups of passengers for a flat $5 fee, in part to cut down on unlicensed cabs that may be unsafe. >> grandma, who is going to the grocery store, and needs a safer way to get back, actually. because we don't want people to get into illegal vehicles. >> reporter: he hopes to begin the pilot project in october and will adjust routes
5:59 pm
customer feedback. john c. scott drove a cab for 45 years. he will now drive one of the vans. >> i'm happy to be one of the drivers to provide this service. >> reporter: lower income residents in southeast are happy to hear of it. you welcome anything to help get around, i guess? >> yes, yes. i sure would. uh-huh. >> the eight-passenger vans are air conditioned to accommodate wheelchairs and allow payments by cash or digital cards. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. new speculation over claims that four team usa swimmers were robbed in rio. tonight a closer look at the surveillance video taken moments after the crime and questions that have followed. there's been a major political shakeup in donald trump's campaign. now we'll show you how both sides are responding in the race to the white house. federal funding pulled over allegations that children were humiliated and unaccounted for in a local program designed to
6:00 pm
first to our weather and the threat of strong storms later tonight. >> there's a flash flood watch in effect. and conditions could dramatically change the next few hours. >> doug is tracking all of it from storm center 4. to doug, how is it looking? >> not a bad afternoon. we did hit 95 again today. eight straight days at 95 or better. that is actually the second longest streak ever in our region. it's been a hot one for sure. out there right now, we're tracking storms as they make their way through parts of the area. right around frederick right now. lightning associated with that. to the west of the blue ridge. this is a severe thunderstorm watch down around portions of shen andoah county. to the east shall potential for flash flooding. you can see all that moisture coming through. a lot of rain. very heavy rainfall, flash flood watch in effect for all these areas here from 4:00 in the late tonight. we'll talk much more about


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